Days & Clouds
Art ~ Photography ~ Design
           by Jill Schwennsen



Jill Schwennsen was born and raised in the Seattle area, and has also spent time living abroad in Florence, Italy. Growing up here, the iconic Seattle landscape plays a significant role in her work. Jill extracts inspiration from experiencing life & what each moment has to offer, often noticing & being aware of the small details that contribute to a scene. Beauty is everywhere, one simply has to look up to see and experience it.

Having undergone open heart surgery at 9 days old and age 15, Jill has danced with a knowing that she may die at a young age. This contributes to her desire to soak up as much beauty as possible, and to just be present. Jill aspires to continually cultivate a childlike sense of awe, wonder & curiosity about the world, which she strives is communicated through even just a fragment of her art. Jill pours all of her love into her artwork, producing high vibrational pieces that bring comfort & healing to the viewer. When Jill creates her art, she sets an intention to infuse it with qualities such as beauty, comfort, peace and joy to those who view her work. This subtle energy exchange between the artist, the artwork and the viewer may or may not be perceptible. Whatever the intention may be, Jill always comes from her heart.

Jill’s early inspiration derived from Alfred Stieglitz and Wassily Kandinsky. She was drawn not only to their art, but particularly to their writings on the subject. Jill was intrigued by what Kandinsky called the “inner necessity” of the artist and the vibratory effect of color in particular on the soul. Stieglitz was also influenced by Kandinsky, believing that abstract lines, forms, and colors could represent corresponding inner states, emotions and ideas. Color, consequently, plays a leading role in Jill’s work and contributes to the healing qualities of a piece.

These ideas translate into Jill’s dot paintings, which are inspired by Australian Aboriginal art. The dots in themselves represent the palpable vibration bubbling below the surface of life. Like everything in life, each dot has its own individual purpose. Each dot is unique & complete on its own, having its own expression and contribution to the whole composition. Much like dots, each individual's unique expression and gifts contribute to the canvas of life in which we are all a part. As one steps back, a natural flow emerges within both the composition & life.

Everything is a continual process of unfoldment, and each avenue of creative expression is a visual representation of this journey. As one evolves and grows, one’s perspective and ways of seeing may shift. These subtle or perhaps even more overt shifts are perceptible in Jill’s art, demonstrating the fluidity of energy at play in one’s life.

~ Artist Statement ~

Art is a means of sharing and capturing moments of inspiration & beauty. My art is an affirmation and celebration of life. I choose photographic papers and mediums that add another dimension and give more life to an image. Many of my photographic images are printed on metal. The finish allows the surface of the metal to show through giving it a translucent luminescence. I also tend to gravitate towards exuberant, fun colors, which lends to canvas, acrylic, and soft top thin wrap prints. I believe that the way in which something is displayed is of equal or more importance than the actual art, and contributes to the overall energy a piece exudes. Everything, including the way one chooses to live life, is art. How do you choose to color the canvas of your life?

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